Cherrie Bynum Team Concept Homes

About Us

  1. Home listed in the Triangle MLS complete with 25 pictures and text descriptions.  Up to 25 pictures on
  2. Newly designed sign, lock box and flyer bin.
  3. Fully staffed brick and mortar office.  We don’t run things out of a basement like many firms nowadays.
  4. Informational flyers will be stocked by the sign.
  5. Clients will have access via internet to see what other REALTORS and buyers are saying about their home. (with listing agents cooperation)
  6. All Broker Staff!
  7. Centralized Showing Service to handle all showing appointments.  Web based feedback.
  8. Constant communication with your listing agent!  Agents will contact you on a regular basis regardless of recent activity or time of year.
  9. Internet database of all provided feedback by showing agent.
  11. Relocation assistance!
  12. Short Sale assistance
  13. Electronic signature software to safely secure your sale or modify a contract 24/7
  14. Foreclosure assistance!
  15. Countless websites!,, Most big and small local realty firms websites as well.
  16. We are with you every step of the way from listing to closing.
  17. No hidden transaction fees or junk fees.  
  18. 15+ years in business.  We have been here through the good times and the bad times.  We ARE here to stay!
  19. Members of the National Association Of REALTORS..